New Pals

-Pathfinder cargo ship is delivered to PAIOS

-Pathfinder Brutality Suit escapes with severe wounds

-Jimmy Rustles is put into Heavy Crit by a Pathfinder Brutality Suit

-Attacked a moving Pathfinder cargo ship

-PAIOS programmed the pilot droids

-Stole Pilot Droids from a Pathfinder cargo truck

-Discovered Shipment contained pilot programming data

-High Priorty Shipment Stolen and delivered to PAIOS

-Stole High Priority Shipment from Pathfinder

-Hard drive delivered to PAIOS

-Aquired YES! Virus

-Stole Hard drive from Pathfinder

-Encountered PAIOS

-Pathfinder Weapon Schematics Stolen

-Mahu and Jimmy Rustles join the party


Dinny Dinny

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