A Harmless Droid


A friendly droid roaming the Junkyard between Serenity and The Bullet Field. A lot of raider claim the thing despite looking like a pile of scrap is not only dangerous but near impossible to kill. It always seems to fix itself. However it does seem to always find the best in the Junkyard and offer it for trade. He also task people with finding objects he’s some how discovered the location of. From rare materials to even large corporations research results.


Name : Queen Bee Model 0.1.4 “S4M”

Fight Style : High Explosives

Occupation : Prospector

Likes : Shiny Things

Favorite Food : Premium Diesel Fuel

Most Hated Thing : Vanity

A droid from a small group that were produced to advance the research in robotic regeneration. The project was being held by Real Corp and sponsored by Orion. S4M was never deactivated and one day escaped from his lab and now remains hidden in the Outer City of Norrie.


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