Owl Down

-Clown McClownson manufactures six Darwin Mulch Grenade Ammo with S4M

-Clown McClownson, Harpy, and Darwin Lead Scientist kill and collect materials from a Darwin Croc

-Clown McClownson cures his Mosquito Infection

-Clown McClownson receives data from Darwin Main-Frame

-Clown McClownson is infected by a Darwin Mosquito

-Clown McClownson heads to the out of city Darwin lab with Harpy

-Payed 12000$ and a option between a Rifle Flamethrower or a Heavy Weapons Flamethrower

-Jimmy Rustles convinces the Omare Sky Captain to land the ship on Krim’s moving flatbed

-Clown McClownson Is put into crit by a Omare Kangaroo

-Used the Horned Owl’s turrets to destroy two Omare Assault Ships

-The two board the Horned Owl

-Clown McClownson attaches a rocket winch to the Horned Owl while carrying Jimmy Rustles

-Convinced Archer of the Nuclear Knights to catapult the players toward the Horned Owl

-Talked to Krim about hi-jacking a Omare Horned Owl

Heavy Shipment Thievery

-Rewarded with 5000$ and B&H Experimental RG-6

-Delivered B&H Crates to S4M

-Received B&H Crates

-Destroyed two B&H Enforcers and two B&H Egg Bombs

-Took the cargo convoy by surprise

-Went to steal a heavy weapons shipment from B&H

-Collected Scrap from The Junkyard

-Recieved Cargo Ship Rendevous Rewards from PAIOS

New Pals

-Pathfinder cargo ship is delivered to PAIOS

-Pathfinder Brutality Suit escapes with severe wounds

-Jimmy Rustles is put into Heavy Crit by a Pathfinder Brutality Suit

-Attacked a moving Pathfinder cargo ship

-PAIOS programmed the pilot droids

-Stole Pilot Droids from a Pathfinder cargo truck

-Discovered Shipment contained pilot programming data

-High Priorty Shipment Stolen and delivered to PAIOS

-Stole High Priority Shipment from Pathfinder

-Hard drive delivered to PAIOS

-Aquired YES! Virus

-Stole Hard drive from Pathfinder

-Encountered PAIOS

-Pathfinder Weapon Schematics Stolen

-Mahu and Jimmy Rustles join the party

New Game

- Total Missions Completed : 5 The Secret Facility, Laboratory Revisit, Darwin Lab Mulch, Chop Shop : Omare Glowhawk, Chop Shop : Compact Drifter

- Thermites discovered for Harpy, Given Dead Thermites and Harvester Fluid

- Purchase 6 Rockets for 6000$

- Purchase M202 Vintage Rocket Launcher for 3000$

- Fail to raid a B&H Convoy, Main Cause of Mission Failure – B&H Egg Bombs, B&H Enforcers

- Collect data for Harpy

-Harpy Joins the Party

- Retrieved Darwin Premium Mulch for S4M, Payed 2500$, Given Mulch Solution Jars

- Met Harpy

- Met S4M

- 20000$ Spent attaching Rocket Winch to Clown McClownson’s left shoulder/arm

- Retrieved Omare Glowhawk for Krim, Payed 8000$

- Retrieved Omare Compact Drifter for Krim, Payed 5000$ 15000$ Store Credit

- Met Krim

-Met Kami

-Soucondra and Clown McClownson Start


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