Body Mods

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Modification Modified Area Modification Description
Hard-Drive Implants Brain Hard-Drives and other memory storage devices can be placed and be safely secured into the user’s brain where other devices inside the user can save memory.
Prediction Stimulator Brain Devices can be placed inside the user’s head to make them sharper when making predictions in battle. These devices are also highly illegal and frowned upon inside gambling rings.
Audio Recording Ear An implant that records everything as the user hears it. Can be paired with visual recordings to make one full video.
Hearing Enhancement Ear The hearing enhancement is much like a hearing aid but can help fully able people listen in from even far distances. This technology can also be built in to full helmets.
Protective Coverings Eyes or Cheeks External metallic plating or expensive sub dermal kevlar can be placed inside the eye-lids or cheeks to make the more resilient to damage and prevent things from easily entering you head.
Venom Sack Mouth Gives the user a venomous bite, very deadly and efficient. Make sure to turn off when not in use.
Vision Modification Retina Modifications can be made to the users eyes to gift them with low-light, thermal-vision, micro-vision, night-vision, or even ultra-sound vision.
Displays Retina Simple modifications can be made to the users eye so he can always see the time, however more complex mods can be made so the user can display it to the people around him, or even video and images saved in the user.
Recording Devices Retina Basic cameras can be set inside the user’s eye and link to any internal memory hard-drives. More advanced cyber-surgeons can even place video recording devices inside the eye.
Vocal Shifter Vocal Cords A voice modulator can be installed to help give someone a wider range of volumes and tones to speak from. Popular with entertainers
Secondary Vocal Pattern Vocal Cords A module is installed to have a secondary voiced backed-up for the user. Allowing them to have someone elses voice. Highly illegal, even in outer Norrie the big companies enforce this law strictly.


Modification Modified Area Modification Description
Dermal Platings Full-Body Reinforces the body by placing various kevlar-esque materials in the skin.
Muscle Enhancer Full-Body Increases a user’s natural muscles to boost their strength and physical capabilities.
Reaction Enhancer Full Body The user is more likely to react to dangerous or life threatening situations, or dodge incoming projectiles.
Toxin Cleaners Heart Delicate surgery is done to allows the heart to separate and remove toxins from the body and blood.
Air Filtration Unit Lungs Replaces the lungs with a mechanical air filter to flush out toxins. The better the air filter the more it can separate.
Internal Air Tanks Lungs Internal oxygen tanks are placed and release when the body is not detecting enough oxygen for survival.
Balance-Tail Spine A tail of about 1 meter in length is grafted to the user’s spine and uses a balance adjusting technology to keep the user balanced. The tail is not under conscious control and will sway and twitch randomly.
Auto-Injector Various Arteries Auto-Injectors can be set to produce and distribute various tonics when a set parameter is reached. Whenever the set parameter is triggered the auto injectors rapidly release the tonic into the blood-stream then close up and start producing it again.


Modification Modified Area Modification Description
Weapon Mount Arm Weapon Mounts can entirely replace a user’s limb or be used to conceal small arms under a sleeve.
Foot Anchor Foot A spring-loaded spur or spike is launched out of the heel into the ground or impaling a target to anchor the user in place.
Fingertip Compartment Hands Keep small tools inside the tips of your fingers
Retractable Claws/Blade Hands Claws or Blades can be installed into the fingers or wrist for a holdout weapon. Illegal in the inner city.
Hydraulic Jacks Leg A vary noticable modification to the body, normally done on cybernetic legs rather then natural legs Hydraulic Jacks can double, triple, or even quadruple a user’s jumping distance.
Stealth Legs Legs Replaces the legs with mechanical equivalents that silence movement and absorb pressure when touch the ground to reduce movement sound

Body Mods

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