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Serenity is a handful of city blocks controlled and policed by the Nuclear Knights in the outer city of Norrie. The town is known for Virtue Library and it’s large collection of books. The Library itself is used for schooling and residence for the children of Serenity. Serenity also as a selection of small shops.


The Tower

The Tower is a massive skyscraper left in the outer city. With a large amount of working construction droids, the people living in The Tower are able to keep it in working condition. The Tower offers a number of shops and technological commodities.


The Bullet Yard

The Bullet Yard is a dangerous section of the outer city for normal citizens, and a haven to Bandits. The area consist mostly of criminals robbing one another and Bounty Hunters trying to put down or slap a leash on the top dogs to earn their keep.



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