Major Factions

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B&H Munitions manufactures solely heavy duty weaponry and robotics. B&H has little production outside of military use. They are best known for their wide variety of weaponry ranging for large magazine LMG’s to devastating heavy duty plasma cannons. While they do sometimes send human personal on the field they prefer sending in heavy duty mechs to ensure minimal casualties.



Bandits hold up the most of the outer city and manufacture home made weapons and restore vintage weapons. While most of them are a nuisance and are nothing more than a scourge to the city of Norrie, their leaders can be more useful to help pull strings if you ever manage to get on ones good side.



Darwin is the main scientific institute and business, being the only school to offer Biological studies. Darwin is awarded for discovering new medicines and drugs to further humankind… for the inner city at least. The outer city of Norrie is where they hold their more dangerous chemical and biological experiments.



Omare manufactures nearly all vehicles in Norrie. Whether it be a assault humvee or a luxury sports car. Omare also manufactures the bulk of the city’s aircraft and infantry operated mech suits. They are also responsible for most of the cities basic utilities and even manufacture construction droids



Orion is the cities top and most mysterious company. They have the most advanced security and very rarely have leaked plans. They also frequently do cooperated projects with other companies when they aren’t working on their own technology.



Pathfinder is the most technologically advanced company outside of Orion. Their weaponry consist of almost entirely high-tech gear. Even if it’s simply a rifle that shoots bullets it’ll be hooked up to technology to detect heart beats and robotic GPU processing.


Major Factions

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