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Talents can be specialized once the talent reaches 3. 5 and up can have two specializations.


Specialties: Crowds, Eavesdropping, Fine Details, Hidden Weapons, Noises

1 – You’re not dead

2 – You’ve made a habit of eavesdropping

3 – You’re really keen of your surroundings

4 – From either being paranoid or good sense, you’re rarely caught off guard

5 – You could survive outside the city


Specialties: Acrobatics, Dancing, Parkour, Climbing, Flying, Specific Sports, Sex, Endurance, Cardiovascular

1 – You were an active child

2 – You played some sports growing up

3 – It’s been a lifelong hobby

4 – You could make a career out of this

5 – You could win Olympic Medals


Specialties – Appraiser, Critical Spots, Searching, Tracking, Spotting

1 – You played a lot of jigsaw puzzles as a kid

2 – You can follow a trail without problems

3 – After years of taking robots apart and putting them back together, you know how things just work

4 – I can spot the flaws in the most perfect counterfeit

5 – You would blow up the Death Star before you realized it was the Death Star


Specialties: Emotions, Gaining Trust, Insight, Motives, Addiction, False Security, Mind Games, Opposite Sex, Read Room, Read Victim

1 – You lend an occasional shoulder to cry on

2 – You can sometimes literally feel someone else’s suffering

3 – You have a keen insight on how to motivate others

4 – It’s impossible to lie to you

5 – Nothing can hide mysteries from you.


Specialties: Acting, Conversation, Fiction, Impromptu, Poetry, Networking, DJ, Jokes, Mime, Calligraphy, Writing

1 – Your talent has matured past crude poetry on notebook paper

2 – You could lead a debate team

3 – You could be a successful writer

4 – Your work is Pulitzer material

5 – Spokesman for companies ask for your input on the companies new projects


Specialties: Blackmail, Internet, Physical Coercion, Pulling Rank, Veiled Threats, Blatant Threats, Righteous Vengeance

1 – You’re pretty shady

2 – Rugged Thug

3 – Drill Sargent

4 – Your air of authority cows casual passerbys

5 – You could frighten off viscous animals


Specialties: Compelling, Friendly, Military, Noble, Open, Oratory

1 – Effective line leader

2 – Student body president

3 – You could be an effective CEO

4 – Presidential Material

5 – You could be a beloved dictator of a nation


Specialties: Being On The Guest List, Fencing, Gangs, Local Slang, Illegal Drugs, S&M Culture, Nightlife

1 – You know who’s holding

2 – You’re accorded respect on the streets

3 – You could head your own gang

4 – You have little to fear in even the worst parts of the city

5 – If you haven’t heard it, it hasn’t been said


Specialties: Feigning Mortality, Impeccable Lies, Long Con, Seduction, Disguise, Easily Underestimated, Poker Face,

1 – You tell the occasional white lie

2 – Scoundrel

3 – Criminal Lawyer

4 – Deep-Cover Agent

5 – You’re the very last person anyone would suspect


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