Weapon Types

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Weapon Type Related Specialization Weapon Description
Pistol Small-Arms Pistols are a more common weapon in Norrie. Easy to carry, conceal, and shoot. One of their biggest perks is not taking up a ton of room.
SMG Small-Arms SMGs much like pistols are easy to carry and take up little room. However they aren’t as common. But they have they can spit a ton of lead down the range with their small frame.
Shotgun Rifles Shotguns are big, heavy, and deadly up close. Shotguns are popular with urban ninjas with their large amount of power up close. If the target doesn’t see it coming, then they’re going to be hurting.
Rifle Rifles Rifles rather be semi-auto, bolt-action, lever-action, or a brute power full auto will blast through most baddies and is a common pick for big corporations light infantry because their versatile range of applications.
Sniper Rifles Snipers like rifles can come in handy in many different situations and ranges, but they excel best from far away. Snipers can pick foes off like flys and crush a whole litter before you’re even spotted.
LMG Rifle/Heavy Weaponry The LMG is a blessed gun. Heavy despite it’s name but still not the heaviest out there. Being use by both rifleman and heavy units the LMG can carry the ammo to kill a small army and then spit the bullets out to do it.
Light Launcher Rifles/Heavy Weaponry Rifle Man and Heavy Units alike can and will use grenade launchers and light plasma cannons. Being small and easy to carry allow for mobile explosions and destruction with even easier to carry ammo.
Gatling Gun Heavy Weaponry A titan among firearms. A wind up followed by a wall of lead, lasers, plasma, or whatever comes out the spinning cylinders of hate. If someone is packing this, they aren’t likely to be carrying much else.
Heavy Launcher Heavy Weaponry Rocket Launchers and Plasma Cannons are devastating shoulder mounted cannons of destruction and not much else. While traditional rockets can cause more collateral, but they’re also tougher to carry versus plasma coolants.
Incendiary Heavy Weaponry Large fuel based weaponry like the flamethrower are short range but can become very deadly within their boundaries. Some weapons can however hurl long ranged balls of fire at the cost of fire rate.


Weapon Type Related Specialization Weapon Description
Knife/Dagger One-Armed Knives and Daggers are a common weapon in Norrie with their easy to make and easy to find accessibility. Small but efficient with killing, and being quiet while doing so
Sword One-Armed Swords have been a weapon since the dark ages, and it won’t stop them from being used now. Whether forged from steel or manifested from lasers the sword still works the same as always.
Hatchets One-Armed Great for workers living near the shore, used for gutting fish and crocs alike. The Hatchets gets the job done with a small curved edge.
Throwing Weapon One-Armed A weapon popular with urban ninjas, anything from throwing stars, knives, or axes. Throwing weapons make for great silent take downs.
Axes Two-Handed Axes being modernized with high-tech are deadly weapons in Norrie. Axes can be used traditionally or hooked up to laser and jet propelled technology. Some people have even attached working firearms to their axes.
Hammer Two-Handed Hammers in Norrie are blunt objects of carnage. Being modernized by adding even more brute force with gravity upgrades, hammers can become mobile wrecking balls in the right hands.
Great Swords Two-Handed Traditional greatswords are relatively uncommon, however Raqon’s upgraded Buster Blades can be found much easier, and cleave through much more.
Polearm Two-Handed Polearms and long-arms are good weapons to keep your distance while still being able to apply melee damage to an enemy, whether you’re using a bo staff to brake bones or a spear to poke holes. It’ll get the job done


Weapon Type Related Specialization Weapon Description
Composite Bow & Arrow A weapon popularized to save on ammo cost, the composite bow can fire high velocity arrows that can be retrieved and reused.
Crossbow Crossbows Similiar to bows, the crossbows are silent and ammo efficient. While the weapon itself it more bulky and cumbersome, and difficult to load and fire. The ammo is easier to carry and it packs a nastier punch.
Martial Arts Weaponry High Skill Martial Arts/Melee People who have trained diligently in martial arts will be significantly talented with using weapons like nunchuku, naganatas, or sai without needing to put points into melee.
Toy Weapons Improvised Weaponry Some people in Norrie may be called insane, but they are also very talented in turning cheap mundane items into deadly weapons. Like loading a super soaker with light fluid, or turning a marshmallow launcher to a steel marble cannon.

Weapon Types

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